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Books arrive in Beni!

Over 4,000 books for UCBC and ABC arrived in Beni by truck.

After the distribution ceremony in Goma, over 4,000 books traveled by truck for two days to reach the town of Beni where Université Chrétienne Bilingue Du Congo’s (UCBC) and Academié Bilingue du Congo (ABC) Primary School are located. The truck and its contents were received with open arms by the Beni community, who held a ceremony upon their arrival.

Books selected for UCBC were based on the university’s class offering, including theology, business, economics, law, communications, and English language. Additionally, reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases were included in the shipment.

ABC primary school received over 1,000 of its own French-language children’s books, including storybooks, educational and reference books. The school will setup a model library to serve as a reference for the community.

Included in the shipment were also over 1,000 English-language books including novels, classic English literature, and writing and reference materials which were sent by Helen Boelens of the Netherlands, who has helped UCBC library development in the past.

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