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A neighborhood library reopens!

Books for Eastern Congo supports its reopening

Today we delivered approximately 200 books to the PEF-PAFIJ library in the Himbi neighborhood of Goma! Kids helped unload the books, and on Monday the librarian will inventory, stamp, and then put the books on the shelves! The library is open to everyone, welcome!

This library was open several years ago, but has been closed for a number of years. Due to recent demand and interest in books, the library decided to reopen and we are thrilled to support them in their endeavor! The library is well-located near a large primary and secondary school, and when the next school year begins again in September, the library and school hope to partner to encourage all students to go to the library.

These kids helped us carry the books in from the car. The younger child could barely carry the books inside because he was too busy reading them!

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