• Nelson Mandela

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

  • Why Books?

    Without education, there is no peace.

    Need for Books

    "It's easier to buy a helicopter in Eastern Congo than it is to buy a book."


    Children and youth in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo grow up with limited access to books. Goma, a city on the shores of Lake Kivu in Eastern DRC, has more than one million people but no public library. Universities have limited amounts of books available to their students. Public schools also have limited books and many children and youth miss out on the opportunity to increase their knowledge and explore their world through reading.

    Books for Peace

    Books provide knowledge and an opportunity for learning, which can encourage better understanding between people and can serve as a knowledge base for personal development, economic growth and social transformation. These are all factors which can promote peace in conflict-affected communities. In Eastern Congo, where access to books is limited, books have the possibility to give people the tools they need to build a more peaceful community.

    Community Initiative

    Eastern DRC is known as a place that has suffered from over 20 years of war, but there are local organizations and institutions that are building a better future for children and youth in the country. This project will work with the local community to put books into the hands of more children and youth in Eastern Congo, helping to provide them with a better quality education.

  • What We Do

    We are building a culture of peace through education.

    Distribution of Books

    Books, books and more books

    Books for Eastern Congo distributes books to local partners to make more books available to more people in Eastern Congo! We have already distributed over 27,000 books.

    Capacity Building of Local Partners

    Training, Development & Support

    Local partners are supported through the creation of development plans, establishment of library systems, access to materials on information services and trainings.

    Library Creation

    Creation of community libraries

    Books for Eastern Congo is currently supporting the creation of neighborhood community libraries in and around Goma and other towns in North Kivu. We also aim to support the creation of the first publicly-open city library in Goma, a city of 1 million people.

    Literacy and Reading Activities

    For children, youth and adults

    Books for Eastern Congo will hold activities to promote literacy and reading for children, youth and adults. Activities will include story time, book quizzes, etc.

  • What We've Done

    Progress... page by page!

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    November 1, 2017
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    October 14, 2017
    In an effort to make books not only accessible but also more visible in eastern DRC, we have...
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  • Who We Are

    Working together to build a culture of peace through education.

    Shannon O'Rourke


    Shannon loves reading and grew up surrounded by books. She has lived and worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2011, with previous work in Zambia and Senegal. She is a 2016 Rotary Global Peace Fellow and received the Naohiro Tsuchiya Endowed World Peace Scholarship for the fellowship.


    Local Partner

    CAMME aims to help the youth of Congo live a future free of exploitation, maximize their potential, and help themselves. Through educational opportunities, CAMME provides children the training they need to build their future, including employability and entrepreneurship, peaceful coexistence, culture, civic participation, and practical lessons on health and hygiene.

    Maison des Jeunes

    Local Partner

    Maison des Jeunes is a youth center located in Goma. Thousands of youth come to the center each week to participate in activities such as music and cultural activities, language clubs and lessons, study corner, and to checkout books from the library room.

    Amani Language Institute

    Local Partner

    Amani Language Institute uses books as a tool for its students to explore and learn in new languages. Students learning English, French and Kiswahili can borrow books to read and give book presentations to their classmates.

    Académie Bilingue du Congo (ABC)

    Local Partner

    Focused on character development, community engagement, and critical thinking, ABC seeks to produce well-balanced global citizens. ABC also aims to establish a vibrant reading and learning culture in Beni and beyond, by creating a model school library to serve as an example for other schools in the area.

    Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo (UCBC)

    Local Partner

    Organized around the principles of academic inquiry, community engagement, and institutional service, UCBC provides a dynamic education to over 300 university students in Eastern DRC. The UCBC library has the vision to be a dynamic center of academic inquiry and a collaborative learning environment.

    Kivu International School (KIS)

    Local Partner

    Kivu International School (KIS) is set to open in September 2017 in Goma. KIS's vision is to empower learners to become engaged and responsible citizens with the knowledge and skills to lead their country from a global perspective. The KIS campus will contain a state of the art media center, open for community access to books and technology. ​

  • Get involved

    Interested in supporting us? Please contact us if you are interested in supporting us through any of the following ways, or if you have another idea! Contact information below.

    Donate money!

    Money donated at this time will be used to build bookshelves locally.

    Donate books!

    If you are in Congo, Rwanda or Uganda, we are collecting donated books locally. If you are in another country, limited book transportation is available.

    Volunteer your time!

    If you are in Congo, we will need lots of hands to help with the sorting and organization of the book shipments when they arrive!

    Donate bookshelves & shoe racks!

    If you are in Congo, Rwanda or Uganda, we are in great need of bookshelves for the books, and slanted shoe racks can be used as great magazine holders!

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    Interested in getting involved or supporting us? We'd love to hear from you!

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